How to play

Robbo is typical arcade game. Main goal on every level is to collect all space ship elements  what will activate Robbo space ship . Whan space ship is active it starting blinking , then you are able to enter it and pass level.


To move Robbo use cursor keys, to make shoot press SPACE (keep it pressed) and then just press and release cursor key in direction you want to shoot (all the time SPACE have to be pressed). Remember that you can shoot only when you have some bullets.



When you walk on level you can find some of these things:

  •  space ship element - you need to collect all of these to activate space ship,
  •  bulllets - when you gain some you will be able to shoot (but bullets aren't endless),
  •  key - like you know it open the door ,
  •  additional live,



Below you can find some usefull tips:

  • when you shoot   you can make a passage in ground , fire the bomb  or check what is hidden in surprise , additionally you can defend yourself and shoot to enemy monsters runinng on level .
  • avoid any enemy monster , if enemy will touch you then you loose life,
  • some elements can be pushed  to make a passage or to be used to block something,
  • by entering the mirror  you will teleport Robbo to another mirror,
  • bomb can destroy almost all elements in game, but it won't destroy wall   and space ship ,
  • magnet  is pulling and destroing robbo unless there is anything between Robbo and magnet,
  • in game you will find many different cannons shooting different projectiles, there are even moving cannons ,



Good luck and enjoy the game!


Original game concept by Janusz Pelc who created first version on 8-bit atarii.